Long-distance taxi to and from Benelux, France and Germany. Fixed price taxi service.

Long-distance taxi

Across what area do we operate? We offer long-distance taxis to anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. We provide long-distance taxi rides on a daily basis and, as such, we are very experienced in planning + driving long-distance trips. A small selection of destinations; Fontainebleau, Frankfurt, Groningen, Hanover , Lille, Luxembourg. Our 'distance record' was from Brussels to Copenhagen.

Medium distance (25-100 kilometres): up to 25% off the taxi metered rate.
Long distance (100+ kilometres): up to 50% off the taxi metered rate.
Other rates.

Our taxis ensure complete comfort; a bottle of water and 4G Wi-Fi (NL) are complimentary at Pin Taxi Eindhoven. You can also charge your smartphone, as we have micro-USB and Apple chargers on board.

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Round-trip service

Got a meeting out of town and need to go back to Eindhoven a couple of hours later? Our convenient round-trip service allows you to be dropped off at your destination and have your driver wait for you to bring you back to Eindhoven. We offer a fixed price + wait rate. The ride back to Eindhoven is always free of charge.

Book your taxi

Want to book a taxi?? Please send us an e-mail with your travel details (incl. passengers, pick-up location / destination, date and time). We will e-mail you your travel schedule + a no-obligation, fixed price . Do you have specific needs or wants like accompanying a passenger, a child car seat or a specific route? Pin Taxi is at your service.

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